Full professional multitrack mixdowns conducted by experienced engineer/producer from Protools 12 DAW through mastering grade Lynx convertors into our Toft ATB analog mixing console and racks of classic studio outboard equipment here at Fremantle Recording Studios.

Record with one of our sound engineers and entire studio from vocal sessions to live multi-track band sessions.

We have an impressive collection of studio equipment, our rooms sound great, and our staff are professional and friendly.

Fremantle Recording Studios offers not only the highest quality in music production, but we also take pride in our advertisement, radio, and film work. As a full service audio production facility we offer a range of services and deliver only broadcast quality sound.

We work on all sized voice over projects, and can provide in house voice talent or source vocal actors from your chosen talent pool.

Decide which material to record, work on the arrangements of the songs, have a listen to reference material and decide on production style and equipment used with one of our Producers to get the most out of your sessions here at Fremantle Recording Studios.

We offer efficient editing of tracks such as cross-fading, noise removal, beat correction, pitch correction, tempo changing, radio edits and pocketing. We have done all sorts of small jobs jobs such as restoring phone call recordings, readying songs for dance school concerts, restoring old recordings from reel to reel, Foley for local films/ads and cutting together sound effects banks for bands or musical theatre.

On-site mastering by Brian Mitra
Off-site mastering by Sydney-based mastering engineer legend, Rick O’Neil.


Professional Recording Studio