Neumann U87Ai Studio Condenser Microphone

Custom Built Vintage U87 Condenser Microphone

2 x Beez Kneez James U47-style Valve Condenser Microphone

2 x Oktava MC-012 Small Diaphragm “Pencil” Condenser Microphone

1 x AKG D112 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7 Legendary Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone

1 x Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

4x Shure SM57 Legendary Dynamic Instrument Microphone

1 x Shure Vintage Unidyne 515 Dynamic Microphone

1 x Sennheiser MD421 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone

2 x Custom-ribboned Axis 70 Royer 121-Style Ribbon Microphone

1 x Beyerdynamic m160 Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone


4 x API 312 Preamp

1 x Vintage/Revive Audio  Stereo Neve 1272 Preamp

2 x Chameleon Labs  7602 Stereo Pre/EQ

1 x Vintech X73 Neve 1073 Pre/EQ

2 x Custom Hand-Wired Neve 1272 Preamp

24 x Toft ATB Preamp


2 x Warm Audio WA76 FET Compressor (Urei 1176 Rev D Circuit)

1 x Warm Audio WA-2A Opto Compressor (Teletronix LA-2A Circuit)

1 x Gyraf GSSL Stereo Bus Compressor (SSL G Buss Compressor Circuit) calibrated by Rob Squire

1 x DBX 520 Desser (Based on DBX 902 Desser)


Toft Audio ATB24 (72-Input 8-Bus Mixing Console based on Trident 80B)

VINTAGEDESIGN SU-2 SUMMING MIXER (Neve-style summing with Carhill Transformers)


iMac running Pro Tools 12

1 x RME Fireface 800 Firewire Audio Interface

1x Apogee Rosetta AD/DA Convertor

1 x Creamware A16 16-ADAT Convertor


2 x Yamaha NS-10 Studio Monitor Speaker

1 x Jensen Subwoofer

1 x Mackie MSR10 Sub Woofer

1x Alesis RA300 Reference Power Amplifier

1 x Samson 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier


1 x Roland DEP-5 Digital Reverb

1 x Korg DRV 3000 Digital Reverb


3 x AKG K-66

1 x AKG K141 mkII

1 x Sennheiser 598HD

1 x Audio Technical M40

2 x Extreme Isolation


1 x SE Reflection Filter

3 x -15dB XLR Microphone Pads

2 x 600-Watt RMS Powered Mackie Tower Speakers

1 x 200-Watt RMS PA Amplifier

4 x 200-Watt RMS Foldback Wedges

1 x Mackie ProFX8 Mixer

1 x Behringer Portable Mixer

1 x Behringer Portable Headphone Amp

1 x Drumbot Electronic Drum Tuner

1 x Korg Rackmount Electronic Tuner

1 x Korg Polytune Tuner Pedal

Assorted Adaptors

4 TRS Patchbays

Redback CD Player


1 x Countryman Type 85 Transformer-balanced DI

1 x SansAmp Bass Driver DI

1 x NF Audio Transformer-balanced Reamper/DI Box

1 x FRS Custom Built Reamplifer with Edcor Transformer

1 x KV2Audio Transformer-balanced Stereo DI Driver

1 x Radial Active DI


1 x Ampex ATR-700 (2-track)

1 x Tascam MS-16



1 x Martin HD35 accoustic guitar

1 x 1994 American Fender Telecaster

1 x Fender Custom Shop Vintage Reissue Jazz Bass Fender 1951 Reissue bass in Pink Paisley

1 x Sitar

1 x Cigar box  guitar

1 x Ibanez Ergodyne Bass (intonation set up for drop C)

1 x Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar


1 x Marshall JCM2000 Dual Super Lead 100-Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier

1 x Marshall 1960 Vintage 4×12 Cabinet

1 x 30-Watt Valve 12″ Combo Amplifier

1x Ampeg B2R Bass Head

1x Ampeg 2×10 Bass Cabinet

1x Eminence 4×10 Bass/Guitar Cabinet

1 x Digitech Whammy

1 x Digitech iStomp

1 x Boss Phase Shifter

1 x Little Big Muff (NYC version)

1 x Big Muff (NYC version)


1 x Old Upright Piano named “Jane”

2 x Pearl Export 4 piece drum kit

Zildjian A-Series Cymbals

1 x Ludwig 14″ (tuned to A) Pearl steel snare (tuned to low A)

2 x Pearl Export snare (tuned to E)

1 x Black Panther 13″ snare (tuned to E)

1 x Tabla Drum Set

1 x Bongo Drum

2 x Djembe

3 x Tambourines

2 x Maracas

2 x Claves

2 x Castanets

2 x Jingle Bells

1 x Guiero

1 x Triangle

1 x Cowbell

Assorted Shakers


1 x MPC 2500 Drum Machine/Sampler/Recorder

1 x 2x Hammond Organs with Leslie Speakers

Gakken Analog Ribbon Synth

1 x Akai MPK 49 MIDI Control Keyboard

1 x MacBook Pro laptop w/ Ableton Live DAW







Professional Recording Studio